Serious Games

NTT: Neurorehabilitation Training Toolkit


The Neurorehabilitation Training Toolkit (NTT) is conceived as a rehabilitation tool for the at home training of motor deficits, more concretely those resulting from stroke although it may be applicable to other diseases. Similarly to our previous work, this system does not aim at substituting regular rehabilitation approaches but trying to reach where regular approaches can not. Building on our previous experience we have designed the NTT based on a number of principles: concepts for effective rehabilitation (repetitive, bimanual, task oriented, personalized training); capitalizing on the existing brain mechanisms for recovery (cortical plasticity); utilizing state of the art interactive technologies (Virtual Reality, Serious Games, Storytelling); and making it FREE and WORLDWIDE ACCESSIBLE. These design principles have shaped the NTT to its current form.

RehabCity: Gamified Simulations of Activities of Daily Living


By merging a gaming and an integrative ADLs approach we propose RehabCity, an online deployed game for the rehabilitation of cognitive deficits indian viagra tablets names. A simulated city populated with streets, sidewalks, commercial buildings, parks and cars has been reproduced to provide an ecologically valid environment where some common ADLs are reproduced. In the RehabCity game, several sequential goals are provided to the player, which have to be performed through navigation in the city. RehabCity uses short-term goals and frequent feedback on progress to increase the sense of self-efficacy, and as a result, the motivation and engagement to work towards the next goal. Further, RehabCity goals can be customized and personalized to each player, as well as the level of assistance provided by the game.

Ecosistema Marinho


Computer mediated learning is promising as a potential tool for the personalization of learning and for engaging users in motivating and stimulating learning experiences. This is a virtual reality gaming approach to support Down Syndrome (DS) education, with particular emphasis in collective learning in small group settings, engaging DS participants and encouraging their autonomy and initiative.

NeuRow: Online Rowing VR for Motor-Imagery Training


NeuRow, a low-cost Immersive VR Environment for Motor-Imagery training with the use of Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs). NeuRow is available for PC, Android OS and also with web browser support through the use of Reh@Panel, a midleware between interfaces and VR.