Tools developed in the context of our research projects in the neurorehabilitation domain.

RehabNet CP

RehabNet CP acts as a device router, bridging a large number of tracking devices and other hardware with the RehabNet Training Games for the patient to interact with. RehabNet CP implements the communication protocols in a client/server architecture.

AnTS: Analysis and Tracking System

AnTS stands for Analysis and Tracking System, and was initially developed as a 2D tracking system to be able to track objects that move on a specific plane. As such, AnTS started growing to include lens distortion features, perspective correction, and a very versatile concept of layered filters to make it possible to customize tracking for virtually any 2D setup

Advanced Research Tools

This page includes complementary tools to the RehabNet Control Panel acting as satellite software for advanced use. All applications stream data by using the RehabNet protocol.

Projection Mapper

Projection Mapper basically reads the primary screen buffer and allows you to project it and correct the perspective via software on a secondary monitor.

NeuroRehabLab Task Generator

A free and world accessible web-based tool for the generation of personalized cognitive training tasks.


A multivariate signal toolbox created in Matlab to simplify physiological signal processing.


An integrated software tool designed for an easy creation of physiologically modulated videogames by means of wearable sensors..