Some applications provide technical assistance contact, you can find that information at the bottom of the application page next to the reviews. If the publisher didn't provide a contact for technical support you can always try to contact the publisher directly. The name of the publisher can be found at the top under the application name.

Only affiliated users can submit applications to ORI website. If your lab/group is already an ORI member, you can change your role on your account setings to developer and choose your affiliation. If your lab/group is not yet an ORI member and if you are the lab/group manager you can apply to become an ORI member. You'll be then notified by ORI administration within 2 working days.

You may need to clear your browser cache.

Yes. At the moment ORI only allows files with size under 400 mb. If your aplication has more than 400 mb please contact us (openrehabinitiative@gmail.com)