The NeuroRehabLab is an interdisciplinary research group of the University of Madeira that investigates at the intersection of technology, neuroscience and clinical practice to find novel solutions to increase the quality of life of those with special needs. We capitalize on Virtual Reality, Serious Games, and Brain-Computer Interfaces to exploit specific brain mechanisms that relate to functional recovery to approach motor and cognitive rehabilitation by means of non-invasive and low-cost technologies.


Our demos at The Experiment@ International Conference 2019 (exp.at’19), were awarded best demo and honorable demo awards in the Research/Industry/Medical areas. Congratulations to Honorato, Luis and the rest of the team!

The 5th event of the conference series, was a joint organisation of University of Porto and University of Coimbra with the collaboration of University of Madeira, that took place in Funchal.
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On Friday last week we organized the Special Track STIMHA’19 “Smart Technologies and Interactive Media for Health Applications” at the exp.at’19 conference and we presented the following works:

- "Usability Evaluation of an Integrative Exergaming System for the Senior Population" by Teresa Paulino, Sergi B. i Badia, Mónica Cameirão
- "Reh@City v2.0: a comprehensive virtual reality cognitive training system based on personalized and adaptive
simulations of activities of daily living" by Teresa Paulino, Ana Faria, Sergi B. i Badia
- "Musiquence: a framework to customize music and reminiscence cognitive stimulation activities for the dementia population" by Luís Ferreira, Sofia Cavaco, Sergi B. i Badia
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Today, at the 5th Experiment@ International Conference (http://expat.org.pt/expat19) we presented 2 demos:

- "Musiquence: a serious game customization system for dementia" by Luís Ferreira, Sofia Cavaco, Sergi Bermúdez i Badia
- "Custom-made exergames for older people: New inputs for multidimensional physical training" by Honorato Sousa, Élvio Gouveia, Mónica Cameirão, Afonso Gonçalves, John Muñoz, Teresa Paulino, Hugo Simão, Ricardo Nunes, Alexandre Bernardino and Sergi Bermúdez i Badia
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Sergi Bermúdez

Catalão, é docente na Universidade da Madeira e Investigador no Madeira Interactive Technologies Institute (M-ITI).

Com formação em Engenharia e Neurociências, tem-se dedicado à investigação multidisciplinar na área das tecnologias aplicadas à saúde.

Constitui um grupo de investigação, o NeuroRehabLab, no qual trabalha com outros investigadores das engenharias, psicologia, ciências do desporto e terapeutas, para desenvolver e avaliar tecnologias para a reabilitação do AVAC, promoção da aptidão física e estimulação cognitiva na demência.

Sergi Bermúdez

#TEDx #TEDxFunchal #Entãoeraisso #ideasworthspreading
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Dear all,

Following the success of previous edition, on June 6 at 16h, M-ITI will again host the Playtest Session, in which the students of the Game Design class will be demonstrating their final projects (games). The students from the Master of Interactive Media Design and Master of Informatics Engineering, have been working together in teams to develop interactive experiences as well as traditional games. This year's games are not only fun, but also address mental and physical health, and have been co-designed with experts in the area.

The event will be held at M-ITI premises starting at 4pm. You are invited to join and experience the games. At the playtest there will be an immersive Virtual Reality experience and an interactive table game, plus 2 innovative board games for 2-4 players.

There will also be free food and drinks! Hope to see you all there!​​

Uncharted KAVE: The players will take the role of explorers having to work as a team to complete different types of challenges in order to win four precious stones. These challenges promote teamwork and communication. After acquiring all minerals they have to escape the cave. For the board game, two teams of two explorers will have to resort to the cards from the deck and create the path to the end of the cave - the team to escape wins. In the digital game, a team of two explorers have to solve several puzzles in order to continue their path towards the exit before the cave collapses.

EMPORIUM: We are a studio called Rehab Games and we have developed a digital game aimed at making people who have motor difficulties (but not only) to have an easier time while rehabilitating their motor skills. We also developed a board game following the same aesthetic and we need play testers to come and try them out!
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