User Manual

   1 – Launch Reh@Panel

   2 – Choose “Devices” on Main menu, then Kinect 1, click on the Upper Body symbol and hit “Start”:


   3 – Make sure Kinect is detecting you well (green):


   4 – Launch NTT application

   5 – Select “Configuration” and take note of the IP and Port on the top left:


   6 – Go back to Reh@Panel, on Main Menu select “Data”, then “Networking”, and type the IP and Port on the Address and port fields. Make sure you are not using Reh@Panel protocol 2.0 (disable this checkbox). “Send” button should be pressed:


   7 – Back again in NTT, select “Controllers”, and enable RehabNetCP:


   8 – Press the RehabNetCP icon and if the displayed hands are moving, it means the connection with Kinect I is well established:


   9 – You can then go back to Main Menu (pressing “Previous” button till you reach it), and then press “Start” followed by “Next”. Finally, the Gliding Session: