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If you are using this tool in your work, please cite RehabNetCP by using the following reference :
A. Vourvopoulos, A. L. Faria, M. Cameirão, and S. Bermudez i Badia, “RehabNet: A Distributed Architecture for Motor and Cognitive Neuro-Rehabilitation”, Proc. of the 15th International Conference on E-Health Networking, Application and Services (IEEE Healthcom'13), Lisbon, Portugal, October 9-12, (2013). (Download PDF) (Cite)

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Devices SDK's:

Latest Stable Version: RehabNetCp 2018.03-01 (March 2018) (Fixed a bug with Kinect 1 using old protocol. Fixed a bug that was increasing installation size)

Previous Versions:

RehabNetCp 2018.03-01 (March 2018) (Typos fixes. Currectly checks if there are newer versions in the Options menu.)

RehabNetCp 2018.02 (February 2018) (Performance boost for Kinect 2; Kinect 2 now sends bones in the correct proportions (real size bones))

RehabNetCp 2018.01 (January 2018) (Added new protocol, removed old devices)

RehabNetCP 2016.04 (April 2016) (Kinect 2 body orientation fix)

RehabNetCP 2016.01 (January 2016) (bug fixes, new VRPN client, openBCI polishing)

Older versions