User Manual

To use this application, you should first install the leap motion controller. Once you finish the installation of the leap motion controller, you can execute the Box & Blocks test.

Main Menu

The first Image you going to see is the main menu. From here, you can launch the test, from ‘Start Simulation’, change the camera settings from ‘Camera Settings’, change the game settings, from ‘Game Settings’, consult the help from ‘Help’ and leave the game from ‘Exit’.
box blocks main menu

Camera Config

In the Camera Config menu, you can adjust several settings for the camera position. You can change the sensibility of the other options using the ‘+’ and ‘-’ keys, zoom (‘Q’ for more zoom, ‘A’ for less), height (‘W’ for more, ‘S’ for less) and the angle of the camera (‘E’ for more steep. ‘D’ for less).
box blocks camera config

Game Settings

In the game settings, you can change the number of cubes in the board, select your dominant hand and set the duration of the test. The duration is automatically set to 60 if left blank.
box blocks options

Start Simulation

Once you click the ‘Iniciar Simulação’ button, a small configuration menu will appear. You must enter your name and age as requested. The simulation starts when you press ‘Iniciar Simulação’.
box blocks start