Bioplux Demo User Manual

Importing the package

  1. Create a new project
  2. Import the package BiopluxDemo.unitypackage
    1. Assets -> Import package -> Custom Package

Requirements to use the package

  1. Plug in your bioplux to the PC (bluetooth pair)
  2. Make sure that it is sending information by UDP to port 1202 (To change this port see below).
    1. You can use the bioplux client to do this - Download Link here

Testing the scene

  1. Open the Scene
    1. Neurehab -> Demo Bioplux-> Scenes -> BiopluxDemo
  2. Make sure you fulfill all the requirements
  3. Press Play

Understanding the Demo Scene

1 - UDP Gameobject that has the UDP connection Information. You can change the UDP port here
2 - Components Gameobject that has the Bioplux.cs script
3 - Bioplux Prefab Prefab that has the BiopluxUnity.cs script.
This prefab will only appear in the scene when you have pressed Play


1 - Number Of Samples The number of data samples to save for each data input. In the end returns the average of that data input.
2 - Position Multiplier Multiplies the position that is receiving for this value.
This is useful when you have a game world scale that differs from the real world.
3 - Prefab parent The Gameobject parent where the device prefabs are going to be instantiated.
Each instantiated prefab represents a Bioplux that is sending data by UDP.
4 - Prefabs The list of prefabs that can be instantiated.
5 - Time to Live The maximum time in seconds that a prefab can wait for new data before it is destroyed.


1 - Available Data All the data that we are receiving from a Bioplux.
2 - Device Id
The Bioplux identifier. Each device has its own ID

How to access the device data information

The data is accessed through the BiopluxUnity.cs script. If you open this script, in the UpdateGuiValues function you will notice that the Bioplux prefab values are updated there.

private void UpdateGuiValues()
D0Value.text = Neurorehab.Scripts.Enums.Bioplux.d0.ToString().ToUpper() + ": " +

Accessing the values

To be able to access any data that the Bioplux is sending, you will need to know two things: the label of the information you want to access and the type of that information. Then, using the BiopluxUnity.cs script, you can find all this information by accessing the GenericDeviceData Dictionaries as shown below:


For example, to access the Bioplux D0 signal value which is labeled as “D0” and is of the type float, you can:


bioplux core

Current Leapmotion protocol values

Information Label
Information Type
D0 Value (float)
D1 Value (float)
D2 Value (float)
D3 Value (float)
D4 Value (float)
D5 Value (float)
D6 Value (float)
D7 Value (float)